131005 [TRANS] BIFF GV NOTE – Cut Scenes ‘Rough Play’

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SPECTATOR 1: I saw the movie well and I might be wrong but after viewing at the Film Festival it seems like the running time has been edited somewhat. The movie will soon be released. Will the current version be released or if it has been regulated, what parts have been edited? Truthfully it seems like the really strong parts were edited and I can tell that the stronger parts of the bedscenes were cut. If that’s not the case, I’m curious about what was cut so I want to ask the Director about them

DIRECTOR: Just over 10 minutes were cut at the screening. There was also a bedscene with the older woman (sponsor). (laughs) Joon personally liked that scene the most and treated it preciously so I’d like it if we can release that later on. I actually really liked that scene and there were more action scenes. There was also a scene where Kang Shin Hyo went into Ma Dong Suk’s faction and got into a fight and Lee Joon had more action sequences. All scenes were good, but personally, I think the play with Seo Young Hee was pivotal to our movie and it was being destroyed because there seemed to be too many other stories. So, in order to sustain the life of that scene, I had to make a compromise…There was also a sequence when he crashed back to the bottom that shows his physical struggle. There was also a scene where, in order to try to save himself, he sacrificed his body to the older woman. All those scenes were cut.

MODERATOR: What about the version that will be released

DIRECTOR: The contents won’t differ greatly from what was shown here. There might be a little editing with musical and CG details

DIRECTOR: We were aiming for an R-19 film from the beginning. We were worried that we might have to make it PG-15 (laughs). I think the editing will be a little different when the movie is released. We’ve already edited it. The montage (movie they filmed within the movie) has changed a little, but the movie content hasn’t changed greatly. We plan to edit some of the parts where the CG and music didn’t come out so well. The greatest thing that got cut was a scene that Lee Joon sshi loved very much. There was an older lady who appeared momentarily in the movie and Joon had a bedscene with her. I didn’t cut it because it was R rated. After he’d lost his senses he got impatient to recover his former status so it was a bedscene which depicts those feelings/has that feel. Its a scene which could make you feel both amused and sad and even yesterday, while drinking alcohol, Lee Joon talked about that scene. He said “Its a pity that scene got cut”. Its possible that the day will come when we can show you that scene so please look forward to it.

131121 [NEWS] Gangkiz’s Lee Haein wants to act in a movie with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

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트 혼합 > 경주한류드림콘서트 20120923

Actress and member of girl group Gangkiz, Lee Haein, has talked about how she wanted to act together with South Korean rising actor and MBLAQ’s member, Lee Joon.

“I want to try acting with Lee Joon,” Lee Haein said in an interview with TV Report.

Lee Haein who played in KBS’ “A Tale Of Two Sisters” revealed that she wanted to get to back to act in dramas and movies after watching “Rough Play”, Lee Joon’s latest movie.

“Not long ago I watch ‘Rough Play’. Lee Joon is only known as a singer for the first time, ‘What is this?’ is what I feel after watch it. I startled. I have fallen for it. Really handsome and cool, it touches my heart. After seeing him, it makes me think back to drama and I want to challenge movie too,” she added.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon is set to return with his upcoming movie “Botox” and currently busy preparing for the rehearsal concert for “2013 MBLAQ SENSATION Global Tour in Seoul”, which will be held on November 23 at Korea University Hwajeong gymnasium.