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“Not Just A Memorabilia”

They are a solidarity who shares the same interest. For them, only being interested without doing anything is just a waste of time and energy.

For them, interest needs to include efforts and understanding amongst each other.

However, their efforts are always being looked down by individuals who does not understand the meaning of interest-sharing and friendship.

A sceptic may say, fanclubs, fandoms or any fan-celebrities activity, k-pop especially, is just a waste of time, money and energy.

Likewise, there are certain fan activities which will lead to harm, however not many people are concern on what goes on behind-the-scenes of a certain fanclub activity.

Usually, a fandom or a fanclub will be have a majority membership of teenage girls or young females who admires a certain celebrity.

School-going fans or college students are often spotted filling up spaces at concerts or shopping malls for a fan-meeting session.

True, it may look that way physically however the back bone of this fandom are people with a professional and mature background. Some of them are even married with a family of their own.

Recently, an opportunity to meet the members of MBLAQ Malaysia fanclub, also known as MalaysiA+, arised for the writer to understand the existence of a fanclub.

Managing a fanclub may sound fun and many assumed it will give a chance to rub shoulders with the idol, however in reality, it is more towards hardwork, besides cleverly managing time and own-self to overcome any problems to ensure a certain activity goes smoothly.

Suhaila Sulong, one of the back bone of MalaysiA+ said, an existence of a certain fanclub not only helps its members to learn more about the idol or for them obtain fan goods and memorabilia, but also to create a friendship bond.

“Fanclubs like this will not only enable us to meet people from all over who shares the same interest, but also to organise activities during the idols’ special days.

“At that time, we could see how every member gives their full commitment in ensuring the fanclub activity goes as planned, which in turn build the person’s social development skills and self-confidence.

“For example of what MalaysiA+ did during K-Festival, we work hand-in-hand to ensure MBLAQ fans would be able to catch them in action as this is their first time in Malaysia.

“At the same time, we try to expand our friendship with A+ from neighbouring countries who came down to watch the performance,” she said.

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A Korean Festival will not be complete without the appearance of performance by its artists, and the attendance of Haha and kpop group, MBLAQ proves to be the highlight of this festival.

MBLAQ, on its debut visit to Malaysia sang three of their famous songs, Be A Man, Monalisa and Oh Yeah.

140815 [NEWS] Imagine Your Korea @ The K-Festival 2014 in Malaysia

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Korean famous idol group, MBLAQ was also one of the highlight of the event, which four members, Thunder, G,O, Mir and SeungHo (without Lee Joon) turned Pavilion upside down with the scream from the A+ fans. This is MBLAQ first visit to Malaysia and they were overwhelmed by the response received from the fans not only from Malaysia, but our neighbour countries as well. They performed 3 songs from their hits list, ‘I Be Your Man’, ‘Monalisa’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ with high spirited and full of enthusiasm owing the loud ‘fanchant’ cheered by the fans. The members also showing off some of the Malay words they learned beforehand, ‘Terima Kasih’ & ‘Kita Cinta Kamu’ received tremendous cheer & applause from the audience on the effort. Though it was short, we bet that all the fans left the venue with the smile and good memories.