140927 [NEWS] CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun reveals MBLAQ’s Lee Joon as a former FNC Entertainment trainee

Source: Osen via Koreaboo (via mblaqattack)
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CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun revealed MBLAQ’s Lee Joon as a former FNC Entertainment trainee.
On the September 26th episode of JTBC’s “Sleeping with the Boss,” the CEO and artists of FNC Entertainment appeared on the set to talk about themselves and the secrets of the agency’s success.

The CNBLUE members presents revealed that FNC is a company that trains their trainees restlessly and ruthlessly. In a small music room, 5 to 6 people squeeze in to practice the guitar for 10 hours a day. They continue to say that after they were moved to a larger, better rehearsal room where the trainees were able to get their own room for practice, regardless, trainees were still constantly on watch.

FNC’s CEO Han Sungho reveals, “They are given 3 warnings. If they accumulate three warnings, you’re out.”

The MC then asked if there were any fire trainees who became successful after they were fired, to which CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun surprised everyone by answering, “MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.”

Lee Jonghyun then cheekily added that “Lee Joon is the kind of guy who would be able to survive in anywhere.

“Sleeping With The Boss” is a variety show where hosts spend time with leaders of Korea to find out what their method of success was.