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ALL: Hello! This is MBLAQ!

SH: We are going to Japan to meet you!

ALL: (clapping)

G.O: It’s really been a long time~

SH: It’s been a long time.

G.O: We have 2 stages at noon and at night, at Omiya Sonic City in Japan.

SH: (You are right.)

G.O: The date is June 6th. We hope a lot of people will come to see us.

SH: Mir ssi, please say something to A+.

Mir: I wanted to see you. In fact, it’s really been a long time to have an event in Japan so we wanna get a chace to interact with A+ at the concert.

SH: Yes. 2 stages will be held at 1:30pm JST and at 6:30pm JST.
Please come to the concert everyone. We will show you our best stages!
This was MBLAQ! 2, 3!

ALL: Thank you!

150506 [NEWS] MBLAQ And Dal Shabet To Perform Concert In Saitama, Japan Next Month

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K-Pop boy band MBLAQ and girl group Dal Shabet will be performing together at the Saitama Omiya Sonic City Hall in Japan on June 6 for their MBLAQ & Dal Shabet Super Live in Omiya Concert.

Last November, members Lee Joon and Thunder left MBLAQ to pursue their own careers. The group has prepared their own concept and style that they will showcase at this concert. This will also be their first time visiting Japan as a three-member group.

Dal Shabet revealed their excitement for their performance in Japan.

“We are so happy that we get to meet with our Japanese fans,” read a statement from Dal Shabet posted on OSEN on Wednesday. “This will be our first time performing our new song, ‘Joker’ as well.”

Dal Shabet is busy promoting their new song, “Joker” while MBLAQ is preparing for their new album release next month.