150725/26 [FAN ACC] MBLAQ Fansigns @ Myeongdong, Incheon, Jamsil, Ilsan

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150725 Myeongdong Fansign
Seungho drew umbrellas under his sign because it was rainy.
Seungho: Our songs are really exciting (Currently playing songs: theme songs from Mirror album)
-a while later
“Can’t you play some energetic songs? We are about to fall asleep here.”

Fan: Why don’t you take off your snapback? You are handsome without that too..
G.O: Because I’m growing grass there now!
G.O: I had facial hair when I debuted. You’ve become a fan seeing that. But why do you not buy our album if I grow facial hair?
G.O: Please only share the photos that come out nice.

Mir: I honestly couldn’t remember lyrics to some of the songs playing now.
(Currently playing: songs from Mirror album)
Mir: Please photoshop my pictures.
After G.O made a heart symbol with his fingers, Mir made a heart symbol too but his looked like an offensive gesture and by fans’ request, Mir showed that symbol to Seungho. Seungho burst into laughter and said: “You won’t be seeing Mir at Incheon event.”

Fan: I ranked first (at school)!
G.O & Mir: Don’t lie!!

150725 Incheon Fansign[/size]
Fan: Oppa what does it say here (hands the post-it from Myeongdung fansign. Question: ‘What do you want to get on your birthday?’)
Seungho: Ferrari
Fan: What is that?
Seungho: Find out yourself
G.O: Ferrari~ Ferrari, understood? Study hard! You’ll have to buy a Ferrari.
(Fan moves to G.O)
G.O: Why don’t you ask me why I want for my birthday?
Fan: Because yours is later.
G.O: Yeah! ..
Fan: I came from Daejeon to get ddakbam(flick in the forehead with one finger) from you. Do you really hit strongly?
(Seungho watches smiling)
G.O: Okay I’ll hit lightly
Fan: No strongly!
G.O: Seriously you might even die!
Fan: I won’t die I don’t have pain spot.
G.O: Okay okay I’m going really strong
Seungho: Stick your forehead out
(G.O hits, Seungho bursts into laughter)
G.O: Ew I couldn’t hit properly my pride is hurt
Fan: Again again again!!! Again!! Again!!! Really strongly!!
G.O: No no no no your skin will come off it will be town your internal organs will come out

Fan: You really look more handsome than pictures.
Seungho: Thanks
Fan: I prepared a speech but forgot everything when I saw your face
Seungho: Yeah, yeah
Fan: You are really very handsome.
Seungho: Yeah thanks
Fan: I can’t hug you, can I?
Seungho: You can’t.

Fan: Oppa why don’t you come (to fancafe) to chat? Please do come often! Promise!
Seungho: Okay

G.O smelled the microphone and said “This smells like Bibimbap(a dish made by mixing rice, vegetables and other ingredients), did you mix it using this?”
Fan: Hi oppa!
G.O: Yeah!!
Fan: I want to touch your hair..
G.O: You can’t
Fan: I really want to touch your mustache too
G.O: You can’t

G.O: You!!
Fan: Me!!
G.O: You didn’t study did you!!!
Fan: Yeah..
G.O: You didn’t! Right..You didn’t study!!..didn’t study..right..didn’t study

G.O promised to tweet once a week, interlocking little fingers with fan.

(As Be a Man was playing) Mir: I really love this song, since I first heard it~
Mir: I’m chewing gum because a fan gave it. Don’t say I am rude chewing gum while signing if you see fancams later.

Mir: I see the pictures you send me but.. please fix them a bit.
Seungho: Can you understand what he is saying? I am right next to him and I don’t know what he is talking about.

Fan: I came from Daejeon
Mir: Does it took an hour and a half (from Daejeon)?
Fan: 3 hours!!
Mir: I heard it takes only an hour and a half? (to Seungho) Does it take 3 hours?
Seungho: An hour and a half
Mir: Isn’t it! hohoho
Fan: But I came by bus
Seungho: It takes 2 hours by bus
Fan: 3 hours!!
Seungho: Change your bus

150726 Jamsil Fansign
Seungho drew sun under his sign this day because it was sunny.
A fan gave Seungho a large alcohol bottle and Seungho really liked it and asked: “How many smaller (alcohol) bottles fit in this?” Then turned to G.O: “Let’s drink together”.

Fan: Today is my birthday, can you write ‘Happy Birthday’?
(Seungho wrote abbreviation for Happy Birthday in Korean)
Fan: It feels insincere (because you wrote shortly).
Seungho: I always write like this to my close friends.

Fan: Are you really going to hold a fan meeting in Thailand.
Seungho. Yes
Fan: On 23rd??
Seungho: Yes
Fan: Is it really confirmed?
Seungho: (Fan manager) said so.

G.O: We are planning to go on a South America tour in September and visit 5 countries.
G.O: I don’t want to hear no more depressing songs but all our song are depressing… (Currently playing: Be a Man)
G.O: Study hard. If you don’t, you’ll end up like this (points at Mir)
G.O: This song is like from 40 years ago. It is like a trot.(Currently playing: 100%)
G.O: (As they were leaving) I want to stay and keep talking but the fan manager is telling us to go. Bye!
G.O was telling information about fans with microphone in his hand so a fan screamed: “Put that microphone down!” And G.O’s excuse for telling their information was: “You all know my name!” Then he started saying names of everyone walking around so one of them was about to take the microphone off of his hand.
G.O: I will say all (your names)!

Fan: Today is my birthday!
G.O: How old are you?
(She did not tell her age till the end. Then G.O drew a cake with 31 candles on it for her.)

G.O: Seungho always leaves saying “Let’s go”. Even at our first stage during Jihoon hyung’s concert, 10.000 people were watching, we were done and he said “Let’s go”.
Mir: Jihoon hyung was very surprised: “How could he say “Let’s go” like that”
Seungho: I don’t know why I did that either.

Fan: Oppa take off your snapback!
G.O: No no..no no..no no(takes deep breath)

Mir looked at the alcohol bottle that Seungho received: “Oh this is Valentino?” Turned out it was ‘Valentine’.
There was a fan with two tone hair color so G.O and Mir screamed: “Oh, Red Velvet!”.
Mir: If you feel a strong flavor when you drink vitamin water, it shows you are unhealthy. If it tastes like just plain water, then you are healthy. It tastes very salty when I drink.
Mir: Seungho’s house has a big terrace so we can give a concert there.
Mir: I read fanfics. Whether it is rated 15 or 19, the thing is how can someone underage can think of such 19 rated content?
Mir: After this (fansign) we are going to Ilsan and tomorrow there is Meet and…Meet and..Meet and that thing.

Fan: Today is my birthday.
Mir: (He didn’t believe at first, asked her why she came to fansign on her birthday) Drink a lot of alcohol later and go to police station.

Fan: I wrote why I came today in the letter.
Mir: Yeah?
Fan: It is in the letter.
Mir: Hm~Okay!
Fan: See you next time.
Mir: Oki!

Fan: You look prettier than yesterday
Mir: No no I don’t
(Then he wrote “P.s: I am always pretty” under his sign)

Mir: I saw the pictures you took yesterday but my wrinkles were very visible.
G.O: You can’t help it (your wrinkles) will show whatever they do

(Fan gives this fanart to Mir)


Mir: I am sorry but I don’t look like this.

150726 Ilsan Fansign
Fan: Please draw something bright and cute.
Seungho: You are asking me to draw something bright and cute?
Fan: Oh..Draw something cute, please


Fan: ..? Please draw a brighter smile
Seungho: It’s already smiling so brightly

Fan: I bruised my arm carrying 10 albums but I didn’t get a single photocard of you.
Seungho: Dancers in practice room all got my photocard, though. (Then wrote “You’ll get it(photocard) someday” on post-it.)
/G.O: If a woman is beautiful, men don’t say she is cure
Mir: Right
G.O: They say she is beautiful
Mir: Of course!
G.O: Ah but I wrote ‘cute’ for someone…

Fan: Oppa I make music and my dream is to work on a song with you. I’ll come to you later!
G.O: Do not give up! Do your best till the end!

Fan: Let’s arm wrestle! Winner ddak-bams(flick in the forehead with one finger) loser.
G.O: Okay, I’ll do (wrestle) with my two fingers.
(Fan says he didn’t give his strength, he did it lightly when she did lightly and strongly when she did strongly.)
/Fan: Can you give me some dating advice?
Mir: No, I can’t date properly either
G.O: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋYou are trash

Fan: Have you eaten Stoplight Chicken?
Mir: What is that?
Fan: Kinf of fried chicken that has strawberry, banana and melon flavors.
Mir: You asking me to eat that because it is delicious because it is not?
(They ate those at Mwave Meet&Greet a day later)

Post-it Questions

Q. If you were to compare MBLAQ to an animal?
Seungho: Tiger
G.O: Jaguar
Mir: Meerkat

Q. Words you want to hear the most now?
Mir: How much (money) do you need?

Q. Are you going to be back with a new album soon?
Seungho: Yes

Q. Was your throat healed completely? Please do many musicals!
G.O: Completely healed / Yes! Thank you.

Which of these parts did you find hardest to sing live?
Seungho→ 1)✓ I Know U Want Me
-“I’m gonna switch up the mood, I’m planning to flirt with you”
2)   Scribble – “As I think of you, who left, I hold it in and hold it in
But tears keep falling, keep bursting out” (Rap part)
3)  Mirror – “People say I look sad
Even when I pretend that nothing’s wrong”
4) Be A Man – “Your eyes are too steady for me to say that I’ll be better”
5) I Shouldn’t Speak – “I am a lacking person to you
I know it really well” (Falsetto part)
6) Other

Q. Please tweet often! 1 tweet a day, ok?
G.O: 1 tweet a week.

Q. What do you want to do before enlistment?
Seungho: Hit Mir

Q. I’m going to dye my hair, what color do you recommend?
Seungho: Red

Q. I want to date like ‘Hey U’ lyrics. What should I do to date?
Mir: What is that..??

Q. I am going to become an adult 6 months later, what would you recommend me to do then?
Seungho→ 1)✓ Drink alcohol like a rascal
2) Smoke
3) Make a campus couple
4) Go to night club
5) Adult.. that thing…
6) Other

Q. 50% of your hair loss is because of 87line hyungs, isn’t it?
Mir: About 80%..?

Q. What about your hair loss? Is it getting any better?
Mir: No

Q. If you were to dye your armpit hair, which color would you choose?
G.O: Red

Q.What is the last movie you saw?
Seungho: Jurassic World

Q. G.O oppa! Who is your muse?
G.O: Bruno Mars

Q. Please recommend me a movie you enjoyed watching recently!
Mir: Inside Out

Q. What do I look like?
G.O: Hamster

Q. You are 13 years older than me. So are you Oppa, Uncle or Ahjussi(midde-aged man) to me?
Seungho: Uncle, of course

Q. Draw something here. (Top: Seungho Bottom: G.O)


To. Mir
Q. Please draw your favourite hairstyle of G.O~


To. Seungho
Q. Can you express your feelings now with a drawing?