140821 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir is fit and active in a photo shoot with ‘Men’s Health’

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Once again, MBLAQ‘s maknae, Mir, showed off his impressive abs by taking his shirt off in a photo shoot with ‘Men’s Health.’

Suiting the branding of the magazine, he shows a very active and healthy image as he jumps over walls, goes skateboarding, and does more arduous activities that make his skin glow.

Check out the sporty and manly photo shoot below that will show another side to the cutemaknae.

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140329 [NEWS] MBLAQ perform ‘Be A Man’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ on ‘Sketchbook’

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On this week’s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,’ the handsome boys of MBLAQ performed their current title track “Be A Man” as well as their debut track “Oh Yeah,” showing how the group had greatly matured since their debut, but also remained just as charismatic.

During the interview portion, they talked about their fantasy sub-units and Mir talked about how people in the front rows would laugh when they saw him performing very sincerely as a part of MBLAQ because they were so used to seeing his silliness on TV shows.  Seungho also surprised everyone by saying the members never got into fights, which Mir explained was because all the members were blood type A, so they tended to hold everything in.

Check out the interview below for more, including Lee Joon‘s ballet skills!