[TUT] How to Use MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe – Make a random thread

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How to Use MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe – Make a random thread (with picture, comment, questions or general)


I see some fans have issues using MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe.
There are correct boards for each thing you do.
It’s important to notice that if you misuse it, you will never understand if you were replied or not, where and why.

I will explain now hot to make a post with question, comment or random.

1) To access most of the things in Daum Cafe you need to LEVEL UP. (I will send link of how to LEVEL UP later).
2) Before you LEVEL UP I believe there’s no much you can do (I’m not sure you can post in this area, sorry, in case you need to LEVEL UP first, follow LEVEL UP instructions I will post soon)

3) To make a post with random comment, question or random picture, anything. Go to the menu I explain bellow. Don’t use other areas, specially the application form. It will be ignored / deleted and no one will reply to you.
Once you’re at http://cafe.daum.net/Mblaq
You use the left menu to navigate. (If you are on your phone app, this menu is on the top right corner right after “MBLAQ 공식 팬카페”)
Scroll down the menu until you find “FREE BOARD”
Then click “자유친목”


To make a thread you scroll down the page you will see and click “글쓰기”


Write whatever you want and click “확인”


You will receive notification when your post is replied. You can also always check your post refreshing this board.

[TUT] [UPDATED 150523] How to level up at Daum Fancafe

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This Tutorial is up to date: 2015.05.23

MBLAQ’s Official Cafe link

You need to LEVEL UP on MBLAQ’s Official Cafe to be able to access most of the content.

Please, follow ALL THE STEPS carefully. If you don’t follow, you probably will not be accepted (but of course you can fix it later in that case).

1) Previous requirements

2) You need to check if your nickname is under the rules according to the image bellow (taken from MBLAQ Attack)


3) The next image shows how to find your nickname and change it (if necessary).


  • After finishing click 수정 on the bottom of this page (the left button)

4) you will use the “LEVEL UP” Menu. Scroll down until you find it. * Don’t use this board for anything else, it will be ignored*

There are two different ways of LEVEL UP.

  • a) 월/화/수 -> If you send your application on Monday / Tuesday or Wednesday
  • b) 목/금/토 -> If you send your application on Thursday / Friday or Saturday

Note: Once you finish your application, your post will be available in the board you posted. Check it.


5) Depending of that set of days you chose, the title of the application form you will fill should be different as below. On further step you will see where you input this title. Be sure to get the right title.

  • a) 월/화/수 -> (Mon/Tue/Wed) -> Title: Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality
  • b) 목/금/토 -> (Thu/Fri/Sat) -> I am Your A+

* Credits of some information: MBLAQ Attack


5) In both you choose a or b, you click 글쓰기 as the Image 4. You will get a post with some questions. What you need to do in this part is answer to each question given and upload picture of your BROKEN album showing it’s barcode, serial number and your nickname. You can keep the post as it is, and only write your answers bellow each question like the the images on next step will show. You can answer in English or Korean.

6)  Fill the Application form.

6.1) You need to take your picture from your album BROKEN (only Broken album is accepted), showing the Serial Nmber of our album (the example picture shows where to find it in RED) and Bar code and with a post it on it written your NICKNAME (the same as you checked on on Step 2 / Image 2). On the form there’s an example image of how to take picture of your album and where is your Album code. Additionally, write on the same post-it the serial number of the album to make sure they will see it.

6.2) Answer the questions like the image below (answers and comment from this tutorial are all in GREEN). Before Confirming, be sure to check all the items showed on the Image (font color while and size 9PT, background color white, title needs to be according to Step 5, answer all the questions, select 금지 on the bottom two options and upload your picture like step 6.3)


6.3) Follow the steps in red on the image below to upload your album picture (s) described on item 6.1) picture. After uploading, if your picture is not placed below question 2., try to move it there.


7) Check your application on the board: At the board you chosen, after you finished you should be able to see your post there. It’s awaiting for review. After some days (Maybe 1, maybe 5 maybe 10, I don’t know), one staff will approve it or not. There are two additional boards below “LEVEL UP” area.

  • 등업완료 = LEVEL UP completed
  • 등업리턴 = Rejected application

If your post is not on the board you posted anymore look for it in one of those (all the boards are ordered by post date, so remember it). In case it got rejected, review all the steps, fix it (you can use same application)  and send it again.

The End

[TUT] [UPDATED 150523] How to join MBLAQ Daum Cafe

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Login + Join MBLAQ Cafe

Go to MBLAQ’s Official Daum Cafe

1) Click Login Button on the top right of page (로그인) to logout click 로그아웃

2) Type your e-mail or ID and password and click the blue button for login

3) Click here for joining MBLAQ Cafe


4) You have to answer a Question (what is the title song of MBLAQ’s 6th mini album). Answer is 남자답게

Copy and paste question and click as below


5) Follow the two last images and YAYYYYY


[TUT] [UPDATED 140204] How to register on Daum

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STEP 1: Go to http://www.daum.net

















STEP 10:


STEP 11:


STEP 12:


STEP 13: If you just finished registering, you’ll already be signed in, but if you get signed out, this is how you sign in from the main page