[NOTICE] Unable to access Official Twitter account!

Hi A+s T_____T

I got bad news for you guys.. or at least bad news for me and our MA+ admins… We can’t access our official twitter account T_______________________________________________T

We  might got hacked or there’s something wrong with twitter access @#$%^&* Urrggghh… To top that, our official email also has been locked for 12 hours due to too many unauthorized failed sign-in attempts.

Anyway we’ve reported this issue to twitter and also trying our very best to get the access back. However, in the mean time, we can’t read/receive any DM/Mention from our A+ family…. T______________T

If you guys have something urgent to tell us, you guys can try to DM/mention:

  • Me – Mia @MiawoMusic
  • @suelaiey
  • @rossa_rosee
  • @QiGomblaq

Sorry for any inconveniences A+… T______________T

P/S: We are not that popular… why bother to hack our account?! @#$%^&*

130917 [FACEBOOK] IF Entertainment -MBLAQ SENSATION Tour in Taiwan


MBLAQ, impressive performances in every aspect, is finally coming to Taiwan to meet up with Taiwanese A+!!!

Date: November 16 2013
Location: Taipei 101
Organizer: IF Entertainment (藝馥國際)

Details on ticketing will be announced soon.
Thank you very much.


Source: IFEntertainment’s Facebook
Translated by icarus @ AbsoluteMBLAQ.net