150810 [NEWS] G-Friend’s SinB, SPICA’s Jiwon, and MBLAQ’s Mir to star in a new children’s drama!

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G-Friend’s SinB, SPICA’s Jiwon, and MBLAQ’s Mir have been confirmed for a role in MBC‘s upcoming children’s drama ‘Larva and Friends In My Embrace‘!

SinB will be taking on the role of a fairy called Shawing who is a talented singer and dancer. Jiwon will play Yoreujung, the fairy queen, while Mir will be be a super hero called Areutong with psychic powers. The show, which is based off the popular children’s ‘Larva’ cartoon series, is garnering attention domestically for being the first ever children’s show on which idols portray the characters.

The show will start airing this August 11 at 2:30 p.m. (KST) and will run every Tuesday for a total of thirty episodes.

150802 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s G.O. participating in concert ‘I-Cal’

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MBLAQ’s G.O. is participating in concert ‘I-Cal.’

Concert ‘I-Cal’ will be held on August 22nd, and MBLAQ’s G.O. is going to participate in the concert with COOL’s Lee Jae Hoon, BLOCK B’s Tae Il, TEEN TOP’s Chun Ji, BOYFRIEND’s Hyun Sung, KARA’s Young Ji, TAHITI’s Jerry, and Song Ha Ye.

G.O. had showed phenomenal vocal performances on KBS 2TV ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,’ musical ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata,’ and ‘Kingdom of the Winds,’ and he also participated in Korean traditional musical ‘Seopyeonje’ last year.

G.O. is widely recognized for his distinct voice color, and a great number of fans are showing explosive reactions for G.O.’s participation in the concert.

MBLAQ made a successful comeback with a new album in June, and many fans had showed explosive reactions for G.O.’s fabulous vocal performance and charisma.

150710 [NEWS] Mir saddened over MBLAQ’s shortened comeback activities

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Mir expressed his apologies towards their fans for MBLAQ’s shortened comeback promotional activities. 

Appearing as guest on radio show Two O’Clock Date with Park Kyung Lim, Mir has aired his thoughts towards their shortened promotional activities.

As MBLAQ’s promotions ended two weeks, Mir explained that, “This  time we can only promote two weeks. Dear fans, I am sorry. We were left with a lot of regret too.” He promised that that they will try to look for more other ways to meet with their fans, further stating his interest in continue appearing as guests for the radio show as well.

MBLAQ’s Mirror was cut short last month after G.O suffered from a vocal chord injury.

150710 [NEWS] MBLAQ′s Mir Apologizes to Fans for Short Promotions

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MBLAQ′s Mir apologized to fans.

Mir appeared as a guest on the July 10 broadcast of MBC FM4U′s Two O′Clock Date with Park Kyung Lim, where he talked about why MBLAQ′s promotions were so short.


Mir said, “MBLAQ′s promotions ended about two weeks ago. We could only promote for two weeks this time. I′m sorry to the fans. We′re really sad too.”

He continued, “We′re currently looking for different ways we can meet the fans. I will continue to come out on Two O′Clock Date for as long as I can as well.”

Meanwhile, MBC FM4U′s Two O′Clock Date with Park Kyung Lim is broadcast every day from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. KST.

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150708 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s G.O Shaves Head For A Slick New Summer Look

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MBLAQ member G.O has shaved off his head which gave the idol a manly new look for summer.

G.O revealed his freshly shaved head through a series of self-taken pictures he posted on Twitter on July 4.


In the photo, G.O showed off his shaved hair which matched well with his full mustache and designer stubble.

Fans complimented G.O for his rugged good looks.

“Seriously, really handsome,” “Your new style is so nice. I love your mustache,” “So. Freakin. Hot!” said fans on Twitter.

G.O together with Mir and Seungho made a comeback last month as part of the trio group M3LAQ, the new name for MBLAQ after former members Thunder and Lee Joon decided to go solo instead of continuing with the group.

M3LAQ released the group’s 8th mini album Mirror.

During the promotions for Mirror, G.O admitted to being especially affected by the departures.

“I was in denial and lived in a virtual reality world. I had to mindlessly focus on something to keep my mind busy so I wouldn’t be reminded of bad memories,” he reportedly said.

G.O also gained attention recently after the idol admitted that he has vocal nodes and will be seeking medical treatment.

G.O has been getting vocal nodes more often than others. One time it happened and he ended up unable to talk at all,” Mir reportedly said in a previous interview.

150707 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s G.O Reveals His Efforts to Hide His Fast-Growing Beard

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On the July 6 episode of KBS’s “Escape Crisis Number 1,” MBLAQ appeared on the show and joked about G.O’s fast-growing beard.
After introducing everyone, Kim Jong Kook looks at G.O and says, “It’s nice to see that you’ve shaved, but did you have an early morning start? You’re already growing stubble!”


Kim Jong Kook asks, “Is there something you do to keep your beard from growing fast?”
G.O jokes, “First of all, I take a very long time getting my makeup done. I put layers and layers of makeup on my chin. Later [my chin] starts feeling heavy and by the time I get home my chin is hanging,” and mimics the way his chin droops.


Watch the clip below!


Meanwhile, MBLAQ made a comeback with “MIRROR” on June 9.

150626 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir Pours Out Hardship They Had as A Trio on “Three Wheels”

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MBLAQ’s Mir poured out hardship the members had as a trio. The K-pop boy group reorganized the group as a trio recently.

The new episode for “Three Wheels” featured Lee Dong-joon, Lee Kye-in, Jo Hye-ryun, Julien Kang, Sleepy, BTOB’s Minhyuk, MBLAQ’s Mir and more.

G.O, Mir and Seung-ho of MBLAQ are currently busy doing their promotions for the new title “Mirror”.

On the day of the recording, Mir said that he is confident that the newly-reorganized group will make a huge success as a trio, following renowned K-pop trios such as Re.f, Seo Taiji and Boys and Fire Truck.


Mir showed off some of his individual skills, which however, did not quite receive a favorable response. He confessed it was hard for him to show the skills, because originally, it was Thunder and Lee Joon who were in charge of showing these kinds of skills. He then continued that he is carrying a lot of burden on his shoulders without those two.

Meanwhile, Mir reportedly also talked about a rumor that the trio blamed Lee Joon and Thunder for leaving the group. Find out the full story on the upcoming episode of “Three Wheels”. It will air on Friday, June 26 at 23:15 (KST).

150619 [NEWS] MBLAQ Reportedly Ending Promotions Early to Focus on G.O’s Recovery

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According to an exclusive report by OBS, MBLAQ will be wrapping up their comeback promotions for “Mirror” earlier than expected due to unforeseen circumstances.

A music industry insider recently revealed that the group is planning to continue music show promotions until next week, just three weeks after returning with their latest mini album “Mirror.”

The three members are said to have come to this decision for member G.O to focus on recovering his health, following the news that he is suffering from vocal cord nodules. In order for G.O to properly recover the health of his vocal cords quickly, the group and their agency determined that finishing this promotion cycle early and getting rest is priority.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that the group has plans to meet with fans once again through a comeback with another mini album after G.O’s full recovery.

**Original article does not say he has nodules it says he has laryngitis ( cr: @only_seungho )