140220 [MSG] Mir’s Cafe Message Update

Source: MBLAQ’s Official Daum Cafe
Translated: Holly@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.
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Title: Hello!!!It’s Mir!!

Hello everyone,,It’s been a long time,,

Have you all been watching the Olympics well,,heoheoheo,,,

I have been living quite busily with the album preparations and variety lately,,

The album is coming to completion after having countless meetings and undergoing a lot of trail and error as it’s an album coming out after a long time ~ !

It seems thinking “What on earth kind of album will be born?” as we’re making the album is a first,,

Everybody has a lot of desire and also a lot of burden so we return to the beginning again after making it all and then return to the beginning again after working hard to make it all

Each day there are really fun things but it’s also that much difficult,ㅠㅠㅠ

Even so I’m proud and gained strength since finally it seems satisfactory compositions are coming out now,,,huhuhu,,

There isn’t very much (time) left,,kkyaha

Please wait a little more now,,,,I’m very sleepy so I’ll leave with this,,

131225 [TRANS] J. Tune Camp’s tweets of MBLAQ’s greeting cards to A+

Source: J. Tune Camp’s twitter
Translated: leaderssong @ tumblr.com and  MR__KL @ twitter.com
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From: Seungho

To. A+ Fans!

Merry Christmas!
Hope to be filled with happiness all the time.
Please receive many gifts from Santa Claus kekeke
Merry Christmas
Happy new year!


From: G.O

Dear A+
My dear A+ goddesses! Are you doing well? Unnoticeably, it is already the Christmas of 2013 year. The comments this year are quite troublesome and there are quite a lot, but because the company of everyone, we MBLAQ have passed a happy year! Afterwards, we should continue forever to leave many happy memories!! I love you all!! Forever!!!


From: LeeJoon

How is everyone? I am the Joon who has been diving (hidden) recently~ kekeke Everyone is doing well right? Hope everyone can have a very meaningful Christmas…. Boyfriend, girlfriend ah friends although are good, but during these days it is better to have some Soju with father!! How about that? Bye


From: Cheondung

To my dear A+
I am Cheondung, it’s Christmas time! Because I haven’t completed the things I have planned to do, this year is a regretful/pitiful year for me, but at least we still have next year! Hope you spend Christmas happily, for next year you must fulfil and complete everything within the year! MBLAQ A+ fighting!


From: Mir

Hello, its me! Mir! Merry Christmas everyone!! Actually, I don’t want to send my greetings, because I am the only one at the dorm… Anyway! Everyone don’t play too late at night! Be careful not to catch a cold! You must remember to wait for Santa!!! Bye~!!! Merry Ch-rist-mas~!!! -MBLAQ Mir-

131221 [MSG] Thunder’s Message: “Long time no see”

Source: MBLAQ’s Official Daum Cafe
Translated: @MBLAQGO_LUVU
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TITLE: Long time no see

Dear everyone,I’m Cheondung
It’s been quite sometime since I last post a message & I’m really sorry about that..
And recently other than Let’s Go! Dream Team activity, there isn’t much official activities
I felt that it’s a pity
MBLAQ’s main job is composing new musics so you can’t really see me much
The chances of seeing everyone is very little, therefore felt that it’s a pity
It’s my favourite to compose music therefore felt very blissful..
It’s a must to stand on stage as a singer, my body felt the itch & also the boredom
Regardless of what, our next album will contain collecting of musics, title songs & also composing of songs
The degree of surprise growths, if we make everyone see the real singer, then it will be great
Because of this, I did all sorts of training that’s why can’t really see me on variety shows
So please don’t feel regretful just because you don’t see me
Wait a little longer will come to play, I love you

131220 [MSG] Mir’s Message: “Hello!!!It’s Mir!!”

Source: MBLAQ’s Official Daum Cafe
Translated: Holly@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.
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TITLE: Hello!!!It’s Mir!!

It’s been a while,,huhuhu,,

I frequently show up at the chatting room but it’s been a long time since I’ve left a ‘From’ post,,kyakyakyak

I’m also curious about how you all have been It seems like everybody is also curious about how I’ve been, right,,+_+,,

Have you all been well? Lately I am busy every day ,,heum,,

Above all album preparation is first priority 2nd priority is working hard doing individual activities,,

Everybody is waiting because of us doing individual activities for a long time I’m sorry for only shocking visuals also appearing,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

You see us once a week now but please anticipate good news spilling out soon~

I won’t do spoilers anymore,,-_-,,,,

In any case!!The weather has also became very cold Students’ exams are done,,

Our students going out to play no matter how cold,,,please leave dressed warmly,,

Colds last an extremly long time lately,,keung,,

People who have hectic social lives also please leave dressed warmly,,kekeke

There are many people who are extremely curious of MBLAQ’s activities,,,We are working hard, every single person~

Of course there is lots of importance placed during album preparations so,,’Now MBLAQ is not doing a comeback’* You don’t have to make that kind of video,,

Since we’re scheduled to come out as soon as possible,,with an even more cool, grown up appearance of course,,

Therefore everybody go somewhere and drink and rest quietly,kekekeke

We always think of everybody first so if everybody welcomes us with an unchanging appearance when we come out

we’d be greatly thankful,,,+_+

Then that’s it for me,,,bye zaijian*,,,ddoreureu,,


* 엠블랙 컴백 안하잖아, refers to the joke that started with EXO fandom after a long wait after their ‘Mama’ era. If you searched ‘EXO’ on Naver during that time, the first result was 엑소 컴백 안하잖아 (EXO is not doing a comeback). The video(s) made that Mir refers to is

* zaijian, means goodbye in Mandarin.

131106 [MSG] G.O’s Cafe Message Update

Source: MBLAQ’s Official Cafe
Translation: Holly@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.

Title: Iyaiyaiyaiyangyaiyaiya~~!@#!#!@#!@#!@#!@##@#

It’s my birthday kyayeokyakyakyakyayakyakyakyakyakyayakyakyakyayakyakyakyak
Thank you sincerly to all the people who gave me congratulationsㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
But 27 years old…ㄷㄷㄷ*
I love you
Let’s be together forever~~@!#!@#!@#!@##
I’ll lose weight…

*ㄷㄷㄷ(덜덜덜) which describes a way in which someone shivers

131028 [MSG] Joon’s Cafe Message Update

Source: MBLAQ’s Official Cafe
Translation: Holly@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.

Title: Eum..

You’ve all been well, right? he
I’ve done nothing but watch for quite a long time but from some of the fans the actions are taken too far
Even though there are not anymore now there is lots of regret left
DC Inside MBLAQ Gallery everyone I’m sorry for having to talk publicly like this but
always leaving criticism we’ve come and seen lots of reproachful behavior,
Starting from the title it’s extremely uncomfortable to hear.
Including myself and our members will all five people indeed listen affectionately to those words?
It would be nice if behaviors like that are not done I request that you refrain from putting up such comments
There are people we want to protect and who protect us as we live but
because of several people we’re extremely upset I hope that there will be no problem like this again
Let’s all be happy!!^^