150727 [INFO] MBLAQ 2015 Tour in Latin America

Source: K-Show Entertainment via blaqrain1015@mblaqattack.net
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안녕하세요, K-SHOW 엔터테인먼트 입니다..

당사는 현재 MBLAQ의 매니지먼트사인 제이튠 캠프와 “2015 MBLAQ 남미투어”의 진행에 관해 단독으로 논의중이며, 자세한 정보는 협의 되는 대로 추후 공지될 예정이니 조금만 기다려 주시기를 바랍니다.
추가적으로 이번 엠블랙 남미투어는 당사와 단독으로 협의중이니 공연에 관한 정보는 제이튠 오피셜 채널과 본사 공식 홈페이지를 통해 확인해 주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.
J.tuncamp 페이스북: www.facebook.com/jtunecampofficial
K-show ent. 페이스북: www.facebook.com/kshows.events
홈페이지: www.kshow-ent.com
Estimados fans de Mblaq en Latinoamérica:
Por este medio se les informa, que nosotros K-Show Entertainment, estamos en conversaciones con J Tune Camp para realizar tour 2015 de MBLAQ en Latinoamérica, se estará brindando mayor información al finalizar la conversación. Así que esperen un poco por favor
Además, K- show solo estamos trabajando con J Tunecamp para el tour 2015 de Mblaq en Latinoamérica.
Se informará solo a través de la página oficial de J Tune Camp y K-Show entertaiment
Le agradecemos su atención
Dear MBLAQ in Latin America fans:
By this means they are informed that we at K Show Entertainment are in talks with J Tune Camp for MBLAQ 2015 tour in Latin America, we will be providing more information at the end of the conversation. So please wait.
In addition K-show is just working with J Tune Camp for MBLAQ 2015 Tour in Latin America.
 You will be informed through the official website of J Tune Camp and K Show Entertainment.
Thank you for your attention.

150628 [TRANS] MBLAQ 8th Mini Album MIRROR ‘Thanks To’

Source: MBLAQ ‘Mirror’ Album via merlinka @mblaqattack,net
Translated: @LUVISBLAQ
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Seungho Thanks to /MIRROR

Hello, this is Seungho. Six years has passed before we knew it. President Jo Dong-won who always encourages us that we can succeed, Cheol-hunie hyung who bears with us, Sung-takie hyung, who always has headaches because of MBLAQ, Kyeong-ho hyung who always keeps supporting MBLAQ, Chang-jo who makes us smile, Hee-yeong noona and Hyo-jeong noona who have become a part of our family now, new family members Madtown brothers, Bo-rimie, Yuri; I would like to thank you and I love you. Thank you Wontaekie hyung who always allows us to learn more and enjoy making music and Jaesungie hyung who is the best piano teacher. Thank you Team Chief Lee Jae-yoon who has always been with us since our debut till this album, Mi-jin, Director Kim Se-myeong who had hard time filming 30 hours in order to make our music video come out nice, Director Kim Kyeong-ho, Hye-ran noona who always gets us dressed nicely, Ji-sunie, Mi-kyeongie, Ham Kyeong-sik and Ha-neul who polish us to make us better-looking, Yong-dukie hyung who would stay up all night to lessen our difficulty, Kyu-sangie hyung, and DQ friends for helping us prepare awesome performances! Even though there have been hardships, I think they were meaningful times. It was a good opportunity to get stronger and come back once again as MBLAQ. I believe that things we grew used to meanwhile has now allowed us to start newly to experience new things without leaving our original intention. I thank our fans who always wait for us, with all my heart, MBLAQ will keep delivering good music to everyone in the future. We will run to the future healthily, happily and will not get stuck in the past. And lastly, once again, our families, A+ and our MBLAQ members who will keep being together; I love you.

PS: We will be sincere, not fake.

G.O Thanks to /MIRROR

It was very hard on me a few months. I lived foolishly. I’ve come to steel my heart again as my health was not good, and my mental health was also continuing  to get worse. I apologise for somehow not greeting you for a long time. I will do well. Thank you.

 Mir Thanks to /MIRROR

MBLAQ has released a new album in a long time. I think it will feel strange, so we and people around us have gone through a lot of distress. There were more times we shed tears than we smiled. So I want to write this ‘Thanks to’ as a letter of gratitude to people who have helped us prepare this album.

First of all, I feel sorry whenever I see our CEO who has never given up on us and gone through a lot of hardships. I will become a more hard-working singer and a brother-in-law. Cheol-hunie hyung, who listened to us more than anyone else, I know we’ve come to you for bad issues more than good issues. Thank you for cursing with us together and give us strength. Sung-takie hyung who sacrified himself for us, there is a huge difference when you are at practice room and when you leave there. Thanks for guiding foolish me.

Kyeong-ho hyung, I do not think we’ve had a trouble in 8 years. You know I trust you, right? Hee-yeongie noona, only thing I can say to you is ‘I am sorry’. Your heart hurts the moment you receive a phone call from us, doesn’t it? But that’s okay since noona is beautiful. Hyo-jeong noona, I feel bitter when I see you. I do not know if it is because of your character or I got cursed out enough for 80.000 years, but let’s stop cursing please. Stop eating as well. Although we haven’t get that close with Borim and Yuri, welcome to hell… You have had hard times but wait and your work will pay off.

Our first-rate manager Chang-joo hyung, you’d sad you would shave your head when receive a lot of stress, and you shaved three times during this period. I will do well. Our Madtown brother, work harder! Tae-wonie hyung, Il-kwonie hyung, Ok-keunie hyung, Soong-yeongie hyung, Hyung-seubie hyung, Hyung-rokie hyung, Field(?) hyung; I want to earn lots of money, do my best and spend happy time working with you. Won-taekie hyung I am sorry for barging into studio in the middle of the night. It is fortunate that you still welcome me with a smiling face. I will work hard for your track to be perfect.

Although we could not work on this album together with Rado hyung and Ji-in hyung Radio Galaxy I want to promise for the honorable time we will be able to work together.
Director Kim Se-myeong, Kim Kyeong-ho, who pressed on with his work and stay up all night to film an awesome music video for us, I am looking forward to your future works too. I hope to see you for a long time. Team Chief Lee Jae-yoon who has always been with us since our debut till this album, Mi-jin~ Thank you for making ugly me shine in the photos.

Hye-ran noona, Jiseonie, Mikyeongie, Sulie; I think you can stop trying so hard now, I am telling you I am not an English model. You must be thinking that way anyway. Thank you. Thank you Ham Kyeong-shik, the only one who can bear to do my make-up since 8 years ago and also Ha-neul who recently started working together for making my hair like how I wanted it to be. Thank you Yong-dukie hyung, Kyu-sangie hyung, Yoo-jongie hyung, Kyeong-junie hyung, Miyeonie, Sunmi noona, Kyeong-junie, DQ friends for teaching a bad dancer like me who has no sense of rhythm how to move, without you I wouldn’t be able to go on shows.

Next, my forever role model GOD…The most rewarding time of my singer years was when I sang your song on live show and when I got my photo taken with you. Thank you for not changing. I am also very thankful to Eru hyung who thought me as a brother and taught me many things in this stressful celebrity life. Your bad brother is sorry for not even calling you but only receiving consolation from you. I will become a dependable person whom you can lean on when you have a hard time.

Now I will write about my family. Ever since I was young, I’ve always thought I should live as a good son to my parents, but I do not know if I am really keeping those words. Mother, father; I will keep earning money and become a devoted son in the future. My heart hurts when I think of my oldest sister who gives me food and cuts me watermelon even when I come home in the morning… You are the prettiest and although you lost many things at the age you’re supposed to play around, that’s fine, you can break away whenever you want because you are pretty and youthful. My second oldest sister, please do not only call me at midnight. I feel many things when I see you being strong wherever you go. I wish you stop eating out and give some pocket money to your brother… Hajin would not even know what this is all about but I will still write to show off his entrance to primary school. I envy your life. I could not even find food to eat when I was young yet you eat all that food and have your own toys too… Grow up and be a good son. I can not thank enough to G.O hyung and Seungho hyung who have now became friends to me.
I feel really great and proud about our relationship that gets closer as time passes. They are a treasure to me whom I wish to keep singing on the stage, having chat with even if 10 or 20 years pass.

Lastly, our A+…
It is heartrending to even only think of you,, I always receive appreciation, but I think I actually do nothing for you but make you sorry. During this period, I think reading your messages were what gave me strength when I was tired and worn out. A+ who are like my first love that I miss and think of everyday, have a huge role in my life. I am always sorry and thankful. I will work harder. I thank everyone who has listened to our album, endlessly. I will practise and improve myself till the day I become the best.

141115[PROJECT] Short Visit to Rumah Kebajikan & Anak Yatim At-Taqwa

We had successfully deliver some daily needs to Rumah Kebajikan Anak Yatim At-Taqwa, Putra Perdana on 15 Nov 2014 noon. We also spent a very short time with some kids there. As previous year, we held this project in conjunction of 5th MBLAQ Anniversary last month.
A million thanks goes to you who directly or indirectly (MA+ Jersey buyer) donated the money. Please continue your support in our future projects.





Special thanks to Put, Paan & Nawal who join the Admins visiting this HOME.


Part of groceries & needs that we send to the HOME.