150704 [CHAT] Mir chatting in Daum Cafe

Source: MBLAQ Daum Fancafe via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
Translated: @LUVISBLAQ
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Mir: There were 140 people at the cafe so I made the chat room for 100 people but they are not coming inㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI guess I am not a rare item because I often come to chatㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: What is with G.O oppa’s hair?
Mir: G.O hyung’s hair what?
Fan: It is shaved
Mir: So he looked like he had long hair only to me,,
Fan: Tell him he looks like Ninja Turtles
Mir: Ninja Turtlesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t say that =_= G.O hyung’s singing is just so awesome that it covers up everything,,,

Mir: (Talking about instagram) You can not see more than 20 comments at once, and the awkward thing is, out of 20 comments, 18 comments are in different languages
-I check Twitter and Instagram very often (He made a typo here, wrote 자구자구 instead of 자주자주 which means very often so fans started to troll him)
Mir: 자주자주(correcting himself)
(Fans kept trolling)
Mir: Stop it

A fan said she is not good at Korean(wrote in Korean)
Mir: That IS Korean,,You are very good at it yet you keep saying you are not,ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You are like a Seoul University student who says she can not studyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: Please put on a heavy make up next comeback, like you did in the past
Mir: My make up was heavy previous comeback too, don’t say that

Fan: Why don’t put on any lip products?
Mir: So you know that I don’t put on any,,Oh,,
Fan: What is the reason?
Mir: I don’t like that sticky feeling on my lips
Fan: Please put on some prettily.. Your lip crease looks deep
Mir: Why does it look that bad even if I don’t use any products?
Fan: Because you don’t use any
Mir: Wow is that so?

Mir: It feels fresh when I go to broadcasting stations lately. PDs, writers have all become my friends or dongsaengs..A staff even called me Mir sunbaeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I was 19 (when we debuted)
-I had smooth skin,,
-It didn’t look awkward when I did G.o.o.d Luv,,

150704 [MSG] Mir’s Message

Source: MBLAQ Daum Fancafe via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
Translated: @LUVISBLAQ
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Hello,,,It’s Mir,,

It’s been long since we ended our activities, and I am late to leave a message here. I am sorry, ㅠㅠ

Many of you waited for album to come out but we ended(activities) very early and then disappeared,ㅠㅠㅠ

I feel very sorry about that,,

Although we had to keep our activities short due to unavoidable circumstances, we are trying to come up with a solution like fan signs, to meet you again to ease your frustration~

Soon some informations will be released suddenly so please look forward to that,ㅠ

Someone said it is tiring and feels empty, I always feel sorry about that,ㅠ

I will try hard to make you not feel that way,ㅠㅠ

So please do not be upset and stressed,ㅠ

I’ve been using many “ㅠ” in my messages,ㅠㅠ

I will make a lot of effort to use cute emoticons,ㅠㅠㅠ

150606 [TRANS] Mir chatting in Daum Cafe

Source: MBLAQ Daum Fancafe via ashajyothi @mblaqattack.net
Translated: @LUVISBLAQ ;
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“I am sorry my peopleㅠfor always coming in (the chat room) at a late hourㅠ”

“It is like a dreamㅠㅠWe can only stand on the stage if you guys are waiting for us”

“Do not forget to wear a mask before going outㅠYou shouldn’t be sick” (Because of mers virus)

“We are really confident with the song this time you guys will be amazing when you hear it”

“All 3 of us worked on the song this time so we are satisfied. Reaction from people around is also good”

“I want to meet you guys asap..Came to chat for a little while because I miss you..Let’s meet often from Tuesday on”

“I think I will cry at the showcase”

“Have a good sleep. Thanks for coming in late even at late hours because of me. Say ‘Fighting’ and start the activities!”

“Have a good sleep. Thanks for coming in late even at late hours because of me. Say ‘Fighting’ and start the activities!”

150529 [CHAT] Mir chatting in Daum Cafe

Source:  MBLAQ Daum Fancafe via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
Translated:  @LUVISBLAQ ; @JJByung95
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Long time no see No spoilers today, don’t expect anything Teaser is cool isn’t itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Mir said he’s with other members at the moment!

Fan signs, music shows, events, showcase we will do many things~ Radio shows tooㅋㅋ

We will work like a bull for this comeback~

Fans said love Mir’s hair
Mir: Don’t lie There must be some of you here who said I look like a grandfather I saw everyting

I am with hyungs G.O hyung and Seunho hyung are getting more handsome~

Fans were cursing because the teaser image was shaky A clear version will be released too~

Mir was in the practice room with G.O & SH & he said that both are really handsome.

Fan: oppa you’re handsome too!

Mir: Don’t lie!! How many of you here said that i look like an old man with the blonde centre parting hair?!

Mir said that this CB, they will work as hard as a bull

Mir: Is the teaser pic nice?

Fans scolded saying the pic is blurry so unable to have a clearer view of oppa faces.

Mir mentioned that the non-blurry teaser pic of MBLAQ will be release as well

[TUT] How to Use MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe – Make a random thread

Source:  Via  @PinkBlondBeer ( https://aplusarmy.wordpress.com/ ) via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
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How to Use MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe – Make a random thread (with picture, comment, questions or general)


I see some fans have issues using MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe.
There are correct boards for each thing you do.
It’s important to notice that if you misuse it, you will never understand if you were replied or not, where and why.

I will explain now hot to make a post with question, comment or random.

1) To access most of the things in Daum Cafe you need to LEVEL UP. (I will send link of how to LEVEL UP later).
2) Before you LEVEL UP I believe there’s no much you can do (I’m not sure you can post in this area, sorry, in case you need to LEVEL UP first, follow LEVEL UP instructions I will post soon)

3) To make a post with random comment, question or random picture, anything. Go to the menu I explain bellow. Don’t use other areas, specially the application form. It will be ignored / deleted and no one will reply to you.
Once you’re at http://cafe.daum.net/Mblaq
You use the left menu to navigate. (If you are on your phone app, this menu is on the top right corner right after “MBLAQ 공식 팬카페”)
Scroll down the menu until you find “FREE BOARD”
Then click “자유친목”


To make a thread you scroll down the page you will see and click “글쓰기”


Write whatever you want and click “확인”


You will receive notification when your post is replied. You can also always check your post refreshing this board.