140921 [AUDIO] [TRANS] Lee Joon’s message for Yong Hwa at his Japan Fanmeeting

Source: dulix2 via rightbesidejoon@mblaqattack.net
Translated: @sweetluvlysmile
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MBLAQ Lee Joon has been very close friend of YongHwa aince he went in FNC.Lee Joon was an actor at that time, but he one day left the agency and next time when YongHwa saw him as MBLAQ member and YongHwa was surprised but they kept in touch and their good friendship.

MBLAQ Lee Joon in his vid msg for YH :
YH was very famous as “Ikemen of Ski Resort” and when he saw YH in person, he thought “Wow! YH is really ikemen” Lee Joon also mntioned, when he went to Karaoke and heard YH sang, “Wow! YH is really good singer” ,there was also JongHyun and Lee Joon said JH is a good singer. But when he sang YH and JH laughed…