150810 [NEWS] G-Friend’s SinB, SPICA’s Jiwon, and MBLAQ’s Mir to star in a new children’s drama!

Source: allkpop via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
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G-Friend’s SinB, SPICA’s Jiwon, and MBLAQ’s Mir have been confirmed for a role in MBC‘s upcoming children’s drama ‘Larva and Friends In My Embrace‘!

SinB will be taking on the role of a fairy called Shawing who is a talented singer and dancer. Jiwon will play Yoreujung, the fairy queen, while Mir will be be a super hero called Areutong with psychic powers. The show, which is based off the popular children’s ‘Larva’ cartoon series, is garnering attention domestically for being the first ever children’s show on which idols portray the characters.

The show will start airing this August 11 at 2:30 p.m. (KST) and will run every Tuesday for a total of thirty episodes.

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