150628 [INTERVIEW] Seungho Interview ‘Staraz’ Magazine July 2015 Issue

Source: @JJByung95 via 昊ever准资源站 via onlyseungho.com via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
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Seungho: “I have individual fans but more importantly, fans who like Mblaq are even lovelier to me. Of course there are fans who like me and say “I don’t need another member” but compared to that, there’s the fans who cheer for Mblaq because they like Mblaq songs. Obviously they may have a favorite member, but fans who nevertheless like Mblaq are the best, I believe”.

Although his skills in piano stand out to the point where he gets called Yang Chopin, Seungho does not want to do activities that would only make those skills better known. “Honestly, I want to do that when I have the opportunity to make music later. While we were five, I was going to wait anyway. First try everything to show the five. And now that we’re three, try everything to show the three. And the same if there was two. And if it was one, I don’t think it would be too late. One of these days, Mir will have a solo, I believe. Since we have the military service, naturally a solo could happen. What I’m saying is ‘Be prepared'”.

Mir adds “I think my solo will be farming”


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