150703 [CUT] MBLAQ @ Kan ON! Fighting (+ trans)

Source: moon1016via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
Translated: @LUVISBLAQ ; vixxfacts.com
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Mir and his mother’s question time on the phone @ Kan ON!

Mir: The member I think is easiest to deal with?
Mir: Wrong..The person I respect the most?
Mir: It’s not you..My sibling relations?
-Ah, wait a second
Mir: You really need to think?
-People you think of as brothers are g.o.d
-Other than that you have two sisters!
Mir: My ideal type among female celebrities?
-Ah..just hang up the phone
Mir: Why do I hang up we are in the middle of a conversation!
-(Your ideal type among) female celebrities is Taeyeon!


G.O and SS501 Kim Hyung Jun question time on the phone @ Kan ON!

G.O: Do you know my birthday?
HJ: Ah?
G.O: Do you know our latest title song?
HJ: Isn’t it Mirror?
G.O: You know my nickname, right?
HJ: What? Nickname?
G.O: MBLAQ member I think is the best looking?
HJ: Probably you
G.O: Right! Type of drink I often drink at cafe?
HJ: Ice americano
G.O: My blood type?
HJ: I don’t know
G.O: What do I usually do when I have empty schedule
HJ: You stay at home


hEwqY7R MRRyohE


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