150626 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir Pours Out Hardship They Had as A Trio on “Three Wheels”

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MBLAQ’s Mir poured out hardship the members had as a trio. The K-pop boy group reorganized the group as a trio recently.

The new episode for “Three Wheels” featured Lee Dong-joon, Lee Kye-in, Jo Hye-ryun, Julien Kang, Sleepy, BTOB’s Minhyuk, MBLAQ’s Mir and more.

G.O, Mir and Seung-ho of MBLAQ are currently busy doing their promotions for the new title “Mirror”.

On the day of the recording, Mir said that he is confident that the newly-reorganized group will make a huge success as a trio, following renowned K-pop trios such as Re.f, Seo Taiji and Boys and Fire Truck.


Mir showed off some of his individual skills, which however, did not quite receive a favorable response. He confessed it was hard for him to show the skills, because originally, it was Thunder and Lee Joon who were in charge of showing these kinds of skills. He then continued that he is carrying a lot of burden on his shoulders without those two.

Meanwhile, Mir reportedly also talked about a rumor that the trio blamed Lee Joon and Thunder for leaving the group. Find out the full story on the upcoming episode of “Three Wheels”. It will air on Friday, June 26 at 23:15 (KST).


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