150625 [OTHER] Seungho’s Star Message & Reply @ gimme

Source: @ 5_SHIELD, @ mssonglife, @ Lovely_seungho, @ mlml3888 via blaqrain @http://www.onlyseung…9.h14womhy.dpuf via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
Translated: Leaderssong
Please do not hotlink

[Seungho’s 1st Message] : This is Yang Seungho
[Seungho’s 2nd Message] : “I start”

[Seungho’s 1st Reply] : (That is) My kind
[Seungho’s 2st Reply] : I don’t know well, also
[Seungho’s 3rd Reply] : Let’s choose the exam stopping playing the game
[Seungho’s 4th Reply] : Then, am I fake…. (T/N : I guess a fan asks he is real Seungho, or not)
[Seungho’s 5th Reply] : Study hard
[Fan’s comment] : If I win the 1st place at that game, you should marry with me, oppa
[Seungho’s 6th Reply] : That would not happen

– First two captures without blue arrow are Seungho’s messages
– The rest captures with blue arrow are Seungho’s reply to fans’ comments
– Please read replies from bottom to top

lxWIlkA qSTEdp9 Sz0JvJX 2PlXsLs SFQz4Sy q8UCXAN

Detail Event Info (ENG) : http://gimme.co.kr/?…ain&language=en

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