150617 [NEWS] MBLAQ tones it down for more groomed, mature image

Source: kpopherald Yoon Sarah (sarah356@heraldcorp.com) via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
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K-pop trio MBLAQ has toned down its fierce makeup-heavy and accessories-laden image for a more laid-back and grown-up image, as showcased in a live televised performance Tuesday evening.

MBLAQ performed their new single “Mirror,” which is the group’s first since members Lee Joon and Thunder left last October.

The group has redesigned its logo to include the number “3” in place of the letter “B,” and has also had to restructure its group dynamics.

Member G.O. features the most on the new single as the most vocally versatile member in the group, whereas he often took a backseat to more dramatic performers like Lee Joon in the past.

The theatrics are now being provided by Seungho, who dances the most of the three members in the new single’s choreography, and rapper Mir.

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While G.O. and Seungho are both 27 and better suited to MBLAQ’s now more mature image, the group’s youngest member Mir, 24, is still delivering the group’s more eye-catching looks — this time with his platinum blonde hairstyle and his signature smoky eye makeup.

MBLAQ stormed the K-pop scene in 2009 clad with a fierce and rebellious image for its debut track “Oh Yeah,” followed by equally adrenaline-packed hit tracks “Y” and “This is War.”

The group was created and trained by K-pop singer Rain under J. Tune Camp. MBLAQ dropped its eighth EP “Mirror,” a medium-tempo dance album, on June 9.



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