150529 [INSTAGRAM] Update with Seungho

Source:  kinkikids51244 via merlinka @mblaqattack.net
Translated:  leaderssong@tumblr
Please do not hotlink

v40mF15 ohl6qZa


As soon as I entered the waiting room, I held the camera in front of Seungho after finding him at the moment…

As if he already knew that I would do it, Seungho-jjing took a photo with me~~

I like Seungho-jjing’s food pouches* so muchㅜㅜ

#MBLAQ #YangSeungho #Seungho #Cool #Concert #WaitingRoom #PhotoTogether

[Fan’s comment] I envy youㅜㅜ hehe Seungho-oppa is handsome, isn’t he?

[kinkikids51244′s reply] He is handsome and he has a very nice personality ♥

(T/N : Translator think “food pouches” means Seungho;s chubby cheeks as her former post in Instagram)

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