150528 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Seung-ho, G.O and Mir to Comeback as Trio on June 9

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After MBLAQ reorganized the group into a trio, the first set of teasers for the band’s comeback in June. MBLAQ will release the 8th mini album entitled ‘Mirror’ on June 9.

There is a lot of attention being placed on the band as the band will make a comeback in 7 months after rearranging the team.

The K-pop band’s agency, J. Tune Camp has released the teasers through their official Twitter. In the released photos, you can see each of the members in blurry black and white photos. Along with them, there are indistinct triangles in the background in each photo, possibly symbolizing the band’s rebirth as a three-member-group. The members are wearing their poker face in the dimly visible, yet sophisticated and chic photos.

MBLAQ’s comeback was originally planned to take place in mid May. However, for better music, the band postponed their D-Day to June, putting all their efforts in the album. The new album is highly anticipated to be one of a kind, with top quality tracks.

“We are working harder than ever to complete a quality album for our fans, despite it being their first album as three members. We are also trying hard to fill the vacancy. We will not bring them down,” said the trio.

“MBLAQ will last forever, and so will the name. We would like to dedicate our upcoming album to our fans who have been waiting for us,’ they added.

New MBLAQ will start their promotions on June 9, starting with the album release and showcase. Fans that have been waiting for them anxiously are looking forward to their resurgence.

GET IT K Han Jihee, Photo by J. Tune Camp, English Translation by Veronica Choi

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‘Mirror’ is a medium-tempo dance song emphasizes the melody line.


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