150421 [NEWS] MBLAQ to come back as a 3-member group in June!

Source:  allkpop via YangYoo@mblaqattack.net
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MBLAQ‘s comeback as a 3-member group is coming closer! The group now consisting ofSeungho, G.O, and Mir, are planning to release a new album in June, so not too far away!

If you remember, earlier reports indicated that the comeback may be taking place this month or next, but it seems plans were pushed back a bit for June is now said to be when we can see the boys back on stage.

It’s been said that one of the songs is self-composed by G.O and that Mir also participated in writing the lyrics for their upcoming album.

Arepresentative from J. Tune Entertainment told X Sports News, “MBLAQ is coming back with a new album in June, but the specific details have not yet been decided. G.O and the members helped produce the album.”

Their last release was ‘Winter‘ back in November, and this new comeback will be the first time the group promotes as 3 members, for Lee Joon and Thunder left after the expiration of their contracts.

Are you excited to see what MBLAQ have in store for us?


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