150402 [CUT] Jung Jae Hyung has a sparring match against Mir and Moon Hee Jun

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This week’s episode of ‘Tutoring Across Generations‘ broadcast singer-songwriter Jung Jae Hyung and his tutor, professional fighter Song Ga Yeon, challenging Moon Hee Jun and Mir for a 2 vs. 2 sparring match.

Despite the numerous practice sessions Jung Jae Hyung had with Song Ga Yeon, he struggled to make any bold moves against Mir and Moon Hee Jun and retreated towards Song Ga Yeon for help. Unlike Jung Jae Hyung, Mir took a few aimed jabs before tagging in Moon Hee Jun.

After taking couple of blows, Jung Jae Hyung switched out with Song Ga Yeon and only then did Moon Hee Jun back away in fear of retaliation.

Check out the hilarious yet exciting match between Song Ga Yeon, Jung Jae Hyung versus Moon Hee Jun and Mir above!

150401 [OTHER] Seungho @ 9 Shocking Times Idols Fainted And Collapsed On Stage

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Being and idol means having extremely busy schedules, and that usually results in few sleeping hours and lack of rest. Fatigue and sleep deprivation is a common issue, but even then they fight through it to please their fans and entertain their audiences to the point where some idols have lost consciousness while performing. Here’s a few who’ve been known to give it their all until they literally can’t move.Check out 9 Shocking Times Idols Fainted And Collapsed On Stage:

4. MBLAQ – Seung Ho

In the video below, you can see the athletic Seung Ho attempt an acrobatic move, only to faint midway through the stunt and land on his neck. He remains motionless on the floor and it becomes apparent to everyone that he’s out cold.

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