150203 [CHAT] Mir chatting in Daum Cafe

Source: MBLAQ Daum Cafe Chat via merlinka@mblaqattack.net
Translated: @LUVISBLAQ, @JJByung95 /cr.INTOSH_Lu/
Please do not hotlink

Mir mentions that Seungho is getting younger and younger. Whereas for G.O, he gets more interesting with his chat.

Mir said that he is now using IPhone 6plus and recently just changed his phone casing.

Mir not accidentally let his dog eat chocolate(?)


Mir said he has gained 8 kilos since he stopped working out..he has been eating snacks at 3am lately~

Mir’s puppies ate chocolate yesterday so they had to run to the hospital

Mir said he wants to go back to times when he was a student again~

He talked about how he purchased case for his new iPhone 6+ and how much he paid for it including postage fee

Mir has been working on a song named 살아가는동안, said he was writing about thanksgiving then this song came up all of a sudden

Fans ask Mir to say something to the high school 3rd grades, Mir said he doesn’t know what to say since he was a trainee at that time~

Mir: ”You can see the other members tomorrow” !!!!!!!!!

Mir: ”I am the one chatting with you here but why are you getting all exticed when I talk about other members”

Mir said he will go on a trip to Jeju island alone..he may rent a guest house for 4 days~

Mir said he went to Sex Culture Museum. Fans kept asking what was that he saw there.. Mir said ”Exactly what you think’

Mir told a fan he remembers her face. He said there are many faces he can recognize even when he sees in Myeondong..

There was one time Mir saw this fan waiting for bus when he was passing by. He stopped when he saw the fan and greeted her
But the fan was not shocked at all. She said ”Oh, hello” then got on the bus and disappeared XD

Mir: ”How many times did I already tell you..I can’t act. How can I act in a drama” XD

Mir has been reading books by Jojo Moyes, Guillaume Musso, Douglas Kennedy and Keigo Higashino~

Mir has been only listening to the songs he composed..He said they’ll come back all of a sudden XD

Mir said Misaeng is a must-see drama..He wants to get married with Jang Geu Rae(Siwan’s character in Misaeng)

During Daum chat Mir said he’d be back in 3 mins. When he was back fans asked if he went to poop, he said he went to get battery charger.Then made this hilarious explanation ;;




Mir: I don’t have any parts in ‘You Ain’t Know’… Why must u guys keep asking me to sing?!


Mir: I wanna focus & do well on RAP. Practice for few more years and accumulate the skillsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Mir: “The doctor collected 250,000₩ from me for my dogs hospitalisation treatment… While passing him the money, my hands are shaking”


Mir: Hajin is doing well… Today when I’m sleeping, Hajin’s friends came over to play and they’re really noisy. I’ve to wake up & ask them to quieten down. They are about to cry so I’ve to bring out my Nintendo


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