140920 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir drops hint about possible group comeback.. or solo comeback!?

Source: koreaboo
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 MBLAQ member Mir has just dropped a hint that he or his group may be coming back with a new album very soon.

On September 18th, Mir of MBLAQ updated his Twitter account with the message, “Finished recording the title song… it’s the best, seems like it’s going to be a big hit,” rattling up the anticipation among fans and many netizens, questioning whose comeback this may be referring to.

In the September issue of “Sure” Magazine, the star stated in an interview that he had worked hard for three whole months to form a toned and sexy body in preparation of later forming a healthy family of his own in the future. Mir also hinted about his solo album, which he had also been working diligently on.

“I have been preparing many different styles of music for my solo album with hip-hop being the basis of my solo album genre,” Mir stated.

However, according to several media outlets, all five members of the group will be making a comeback this month with a new album.

Although Mir’s Twitter post today was a vague message which did not specify if it is his own title track was finished recording or MBLAQ’s, another tweet that the artist had made on the 6th read, “We are all recording (tracks) right now~ Because we promised~”. This had many fans thinking that perhaps it was the title song for the whole group’s new album.

Either way, the media has been looking forward to both MBLAQ’s new comeback album as well as Mir’s solo album.

Which one are you excited for?


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