140911 [FULL+CUTS] Mir on MBC Star Gazing (g.o.d and 2PM special) + trans

Source: GreywithJoon0207 @ youtube.com , MBCentertainment pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif, mblaqout via ☆sunshine @ mblaqattack.net ; merlinka@mblaqattack.net
Translated:  @LUVISBLAQ
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At that times(when Mir became a fan) there was such an atmosphere that it was impossible not to sing along to god songs. Even my grandma, who was born is 1935 sang along to god’s ‘Lie’ and she even knew fanchants.

 Mir recited even the hidden tracks starting from god’s 1st album. There’s a track named ‘134-14’ that even god didn’t remember and Mir reminded them: “You sang that at stadium after 4th album.” god’s Ho Young was shocked and said Mir gave him goosebumps.

 “My elder sister is a big fan of god. Once she asked my other sister Go Eun Ah to get tickets for her. When god’s manager came to bring the tickets they fell in love with each other and even ended up getting married.”

  “I became a singer thanks to god. If it weren’t fot them, I’d be feeding cows now.” he added, “god is like my family”

 Mir revealed that he dreamt of marrying to god’s Ho Young or Kye Sang as he read so many fanfics about them

 Mir also proved that he’s a real fan of god as he recited the tracks even god themselves don’t remember

 “I was able to debut as a singer bc of my brother in law, who is former manager of god and recent CEO of” company

 “When I was young, I thought I was going to get married to Son Ho Young hyung when I get older”


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