140827 [CHAT] Mir chatting in Daum Cafe

Source: Daum Cafe via merlinka@mblaqattack.net
Please do not hotlink


Mir: We may come back sooner than the date I said before~

Mir: This time title song is really good I feel like going crazy when I hear it~My rap part,,you will be amazed when you hear my rap part

Mir: My phone is Iphone 5S 16gb Champagne Gold~Iphone selcas are jjang,,Phones that are compatible with Camera360 and Photowonder are jjang

Mir: I saw a 19+ fanfic written by a high schooler

Mir: The amazing thing is even though now I eat everything and don’t work out like I did before, my body gets nicer

Mir: I couldn’t say the things I wanted to say today at Stargazing and I wanted to tear my hair when I was in the car. There were many things I wanted to say but since I was nervous I couldn’t think of anything

A high schooler gave Mir a letter. She was telling when a little bit of Mir’s stomach was seen on a broadcast her friends teased her

Mir: I feel sad when I see Good Luv performance. There were hard times and because we were newly debuted I was so excited and out of mind~

Fan: Seems like Mir have a lot of leisure time to spend recently,, can go to daum chat to chat with everyone really great!

Mir: I don’t have much time hahahaha

Mir: Chatting for 2 hours means that I have to delay sleep for 2 hours hahaha

Mir: I’ve to compose RAP after chatting haha

(A+ keep chasing Mir to sleep)

Mir: why keep chasing me away? Hahahahaha

Mir: these kids ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: If this continues, u will end up having to put drips

Mir: now I’m hungry hahaha

Mir: I say I wanna stay in for a little while more but everyone keeps chasing me to sleep haha

Mir: why must I beg to stay?! This kidsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Mir: wait wait wait wait

Mir: No matter when I see this ID(ID on daum chat), it is always great,,

(Fans keep asking why Mir didn’t like theirs, why not theirs?)

Mir: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Mir: It’s just that I didn’t mention. There are many familiar names here that I know so I’m enjoying haha

Mir: what is with everyone now hahaha


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