140818 [INTERVIEW] Mir for SURE Magazine (September Issue)

Source:  Sure Magazine (via merlinka@mblaqattack.net)
Translated:  @LUVISBLAQ
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“I think that there’s nothing you can’t do when you have talent and personal connections. And of course, all the personal connections are useless when you don’t have talent.”

“There are many things I want to do. Right now I’m learning English and DJing. Also I’ll start learning tennis soon. I just can’t stand in place.”

Q: Since when have you been working out?
M: It’s been 3 months. I thought I would get a bigger and have my photos taken so that later I can proudly show those photos to my children and tell them that their Appa used to have a healthy body like this.

Q: It wouldn’t be easy to lose weight and build muscles in a busy schedule.
M: I tried to control what I ate even when I went to foreign countries to perform. When I made up my mind the next day I went to famous trainer and said: “Hyung even though my body is like this now, I will do magazine cover shoots in 3 months.” Then started working out right away.

Q: People usually say “I want to do this, I will work hard.” But you say “I will do.” with confidence.
M: If you read the book ‘Secret’ it says that when you make effort to make your dreams come true, nothing is impossible. When I heard about ‘Law of the Jungle’ I directly went to PD and said ” I will go to that jungle.” A little while later I really got to go to jungle. When I was working out I didn’t even go to meet friends. I didn’t stop working out even when I got an IV at hospital.

Q: You seem to read a lot of books.
M: Since I am MBLAQ’s rapper, I am very greedy about writing nice lyrics. Once I’d finish a book a day. There’s so much to learn from books. I also started working out because of a book. Reading helps me a lot with progress of programs too.

Q: What are you making effort for recently?
M: I’m preparing to perform as a DJ at festival. When my schedule finishes, I take DJing course for 3 hours starting at midnight.

Q: Were you always hard-working like this?
M: I was different back then. There were times I didn’t get out of home for a week. I thought to myself I couldn’t keep being like this so now no matter how exhausted I am I keep working. I can’t stand in place.

Q: How much do you practice before MBLAQ’s activites?
M: Of course I practice till all the members are satisfied and till I come think that I won’t be ashamed of fans when I perform on stage. We’re also preparing now to comeback in September and focusing on our songs and concept.

Q: Do you have solo activity plans?
M: I’m preparing for it when I have free time. I want to work on music types like rock and ballad based on hip-hop. But nothing has been planned yet. I will make solo debut when I’m able to take off whatever I want to do.

Q: Which MBLAQ member do you envy the most?
M: When we first debuted I thought I’d become the most popular member.(laughs) But Joon hyung can do anything including singing, acting, variety. That’s why I was jealous at first. But you know? Jealusy is stupidest thing a person can have. I read it in a book. Now Joon hyung is learning a lot about acting, manners, etc. When you look at his script, it’s not possible to read it since it’s all black because he takes lots of notes to memorize.

Q: Seems like more than talent, MBLAQ’s power comes from the effort you make.
M: I call it ‘Talent of Effort’. All five members were born with several talents like singing, acting, etc. But to achieve our goals we spend a lot of time practising.

Q: What about Mir’s talent?
M: I’d give only 1 point. I need 9 points of effort and I know that is why I have put more effort than others. Even though sometimes I get mad at myself when I feel like I don’t improve even if I practice, at the end I see results. My good friend, Block B’s Zico praised my rap. I was happy to hear praise from my dongsaeng.

Q: Other idol group members also do acting but you receive many program offers.
M: I thought to myself “What can I do the best?” and “What makes me shine the most?” It’s nice to appear on variety shows but what I wanted was to shine as program MC.

Q: No matter how a famous idol you are it’s not easy to host more than 6 programs.
M: I was surprised too. I thought to myself “What in the world am I?”. I realized that my strong point was not rap, dance or some individual talents, but it was easily getting along with people. As for a program from last year that I hosted, I was so close to all PDs and writers. To be honest, it was like that thanks to personal connections. But as time passes I will build skills, I can’t always work on personal connections, right?

Q: Your idea of beauty must’ve changed a lot because of ‘Let Me In’
M: I think I learnt a lot about how to find inner beauty. I’m at the age where I’m affected by outer beauty more but I think you can have a woman when you understand her heart.

Q: What do you first look for in a woman?
M: I grew up in a very poor family. Far from food, I had to walk to practice room because I didn’t have money to pay fare. That’s why I like frugal girls. Girls that spend their money wastefully and don’t know how hard it is for the person who is earning money are not for me.

Q:Are you making invesment?
M: I’m really interested in that. But right now I can’t because all the money I earn goes to my parents’ bankbook. I believe they’re living well with that money.(laughs) I still receive pocket money. I don’t even know how much my earning is.

Q: You are at the age where you want to buy things like nice expensive clothes. Isn’t it a shame?
M: I’m not yet interested in things like that. Instead I’m dreaming of renting an officetel to make a personal workroom. But I don’t think it is the right time for that yet.

Q: So what is it you want to have the most right now?
M: The ability of sympathizing with many people. I want to make songs that will make all people happy and write lyrics that can sympathize with them. This is the goal I want to achieve without a fail as MBLAQ’s Mir.

source: twinsister07

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