140817 [FAN ACC] MBLAQ 3rd Season Fan Meeting

Source:  seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack.net
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While I was waiting for fanmeeting to start, I was able to witness Hajin entering inside the fanmeeting place

It was supposed to start at 5:00 p.m., but it got delayed for 30 minutes since there were still lot of fans

trying to get a ticket or waiting to enter

MBLAQ came and performed Dress Up and Pretty Girl

Then, they started talking…Seungho said A+s got prettier since the last time that he saw them.

MBLAQ made fans who were/are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fanclub members raised their hands

G.O asked if there were any 4th fanclub members as a joke

He also made a joke that there were many A+s wearing red clothes in 2nd floor (referring to some

seats in 2nd floor which were empty)

Since Park Kyunglim was not MC of this fanmeeting, MBLAQ had 5 programs with each member as MC

First program was about MBLAQ reading content about  fans choosing their own memorable pictures and explaning why 

(MC was Doong)

First person was PikaCheondoong (피카천둥) and Doong asked why she chose Joon’s pic

when she is his fan

In the meanwhile, Seungho showed his read underwear

Third person was Sayaka and MBLAQ asked why there were lot of Sayakas.

They also said “Sayaka chan, you are jjang!”

MBLAQ made three syllables poem from fan’s name and when Joon finised his, Mir commented

that he had way too long break (from variety shows I think) and Joon replied with “Hey SHUT UP!’

Doong stuttered while reading nickname of another fan, who was Samgyetangchapsal (삼게탕찹쌀),

by saying “Samgyetang…chap…chap…..” and Mir apologized by saying his Korean is not good since

he came from Philippines

They talked about their old days and G.O paid Mir’s taxi fee while they went to their own place together

through taxi even though he was in difficult circumstance of dealing with lawsuit regarding his previous


Mir said that Seungho’s hair was gorgeous back then and other boys agreed. G.O said that it looked like

Mir said thank you for coming and gave 90 degrees bow 😀

Second program was about showing fancams and performance videos that fans chose

(MC was G.O)

The first video was Cry performance in music broadcast and G.O said fans screamed that loud

back then because it was more than 1 yr since MBLAQ was active, which made fans detrmined to


MBLAQ said they get nervous in front of Korean A+s now since they were doing overseas

promotion activities for a long time

Seungho licked his lip…….(ahhhhhhhhh…happy fangirl moment)

The third program was ‘Love and War’ corner where MBLAQ read Post Its of fans’ writing about

complaints and when they felt proud of being A+

Some of complaints were about Seungho’s shaved head and how MBLAQ only promotes in overseas

A fan complained that Mir only likes pretty fan

Joon gave hug to fan who came down to stage regarding complaint about Joon

One fan wrote “The fact that G.O has a lot of fur” in both proud moments and complaints

Other fan wrote “Everyday” in proud moment

The last program was cooking bento and then giving to 5 lucky A+s (MC was Joon)

G.O’s bento was ‘Fatty Bento’ (explanation: a bento which will make ppl who eat fatter)

Mir’s bento was ‘Wachangchang Bento’, which was inspired by his father and a type of food

that they gave to head of gun (equivalent to county)

G.O and Seungho cooked first. Since Seungho had cow apron on, G.O said that he is

‘Cow Prince’

Fans demanded for more random picks, so they gave their ingredients away

G.O kept saying that it was not fair to give bento to only 5 fans when there are 20,000 fans

MBLAQ teased Joon that his black and white shirt looks like Chungmo Kimbap

In the intermission, they showed MBLAQ’s past baby pictures

Part 2 started with No Love and Mona Lisa

Doong said that MBLAQ will come back on autumn and that it is true these time

He also said that they are considering to release in full album andt that they composed all songs by themselves

Mir suggested Doong to give farewell in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Tagalog

Doong said he will just greet in Korean

Then, they performed Be a Man and Oh Yeah

The encore song was You

The last thing that was said by MBLAQ (by Mir) was that he is happy to be singer


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