140816 [CLIP] [ENG SUB] MBLAQ on Malaysia’s Prime News


Source: Buletin Utama TV3 via @Nawal_Park
Translated: @FiekaMan
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The group that has just been to our country this past week has always ranked 1st in the Korean Music Chart.The energetic movements and harmonic voices of these 5 men from ‘The Land of Kimchi’ never dissapoints and continue to leave Malaysian fans in awe.

Starting their career in 2009, the group consisting of SeungHo, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung and Mir started to be known through their single, ‘Just Blaq’. They continue to stay strong this year through their 6th album, ‘Broken’ which has gain recognition in the international market with their eccentric, classic and enigmatic apperance.

For fans of groups born alongside B2ST and 2PM, they would surely not want to miss out on watching MBLAQ’s first performance in Malaysia. The performance, during K-Festival, was attended by more 5000 fans which took all of any empty spaces including the upper levels. Three of their most famous songs since debut were performed including Monalisa, Oh yeah and their most recent single, Be A Man.

Interview with fans:

Suhaila Sulong : They are very talented in many fields, whereby they compose their own songs, they are funny and they potray a ‘craziness’ persona.

Ayu Shuhadah : They are original. They possess a melodic voice and they are handsome. They are also funny,which makes them different from other groups.They are unique.

Interviewer : Please comment on the people who said bad things on KPOP.

Ayu Shuhadah : It’s up to us who we like. We don’t disturb other people. Eventhough we like them, we still plant our feet firmly on the ground.


Besides the performance by MBLAQ, the festival also offers food demostration as well as a chance to wear Korea’s traditional Royal costume, Hanbok which was held throughout the three day event.

Reporter: A lot of activities were held, but the highlight of the events was the performance by MBLAQ which continues to gain recognition and attention from the public.


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