140811 [NEWS] FULL TRANSLATION of MBLAQ on Kuala Lumpur K-Festival in Malaysia Chinese (Sinchew) Newspaper #MBLAQinMALAYSIA

Source:   Sinchew Newspaper
Translated: @YHL_Aplus
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TITLE: “Loud screaming from fans to MBLAQ!”

Fans screaming with excitement in MBLAQ fans meet up in the “K-Festival2014” organized by Korea Tourism Organization. It is nearly five years of the Korean group MBLAQ has finally come and made the crowd high in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Because member Lee Joon is busy filming drama, he was absent for the fans meet up. Although MBLAQ is incomplete with one member not present, but the event still attract many fans which showed up to support. 4 members SeungHo, GO, Thunder and Mir was wearing a set of handsome blue suit. Whenever members giving a short speech, the crowd scream till the ears of all sides felt vibration just to make idols smile.

In the event there were in total three dance performance, including “Be A Man”, “Mona Lisa” and “Oh Yeah”. SeungHo super good mood leads to the enthusiastic fans love, while Mir finally couldn’t take the heat anymore and took off his coat, and instantly triggered screaming fans everywhere.

When the event nears to an end, emcee asked members to say something to Malaysian fans, GO laughed immediately suspected unspeakable excitement, then soared out of the sentence: “Kita cinta padamu”, to the fans and fans heart melted instantly. Subsequently, the emcee simply have a live teaching of saying “thank you” in Malay, which SeungHo spoke very well. Under the leadership of the host, four sub-standard to say in unison: “Terima Kasih”, and a group photo taken with the fans for their fans in Malaysia. MBLAQ fan meeting event only took about 20 minutes from performances to host a brief interviews. Many fans felt not enough and keep shouting encore, even after the end of the meeting all fans were still reluctant to leave.


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