140810 [NEWS] Finally here after Five Long Years, MBLAQ “Kita Cinta Padamu!” #MBLAQinMALAYSIA

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After 5 long years of waiting, Malaysia A+ finally get to see MBLAQ for the very first time. Korean Tourism Organization invited MBLAQ as guest for day two for K Festival 2014 at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Although without Lee Joon, fans are still hyped up and excited to see MBLAQ. MBLAQ started the show with ‘Be A Man‘ performance, followed by their hit song “Monalisa” and lastly ended with “Oh Yeah‘. MBLAQ intro themselves after second song performance with a simple greetings ‘ Hi , We Are MBLAQ!” Right after the introduction, maknae Mir mumbling ‘wuah ~~ Malaysia ~~ GOOD!’ *with a thumbs up (kekeke thanks maknae ahh XD)

MBLAQ also express their happiness to be invited  and get the chance to meet their Malaysia Fans after so long and also very thankful for everyone to come and see them. Besides, when the host asked to share about the experience of composing their own songs, Thunder ” Usually i compose song based on my own experience, i want to share my story and how i feel (in the song).” 

When asked about what the boys wants to tell the fans, GO ” Kita Cinta Padamu, Kamsahamida!’ The host then decided to teach the boys how to speak Kamsahamida in Malay, which is ‘Terima Kasih”. The boys learn how to say Terima Kasih immediately and although Seung Ho first try goes ‘Terima Kash..’ after a few attempt the boys finally learn how to pronounce Terima Kasih Properly.

The boys only appeared for about 20minutes, although is short but we hope the next time MBLAQ visit Malaysia with full attendance along with member Lee Joon, and also hope for a full length concert perhaps?



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