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Hello everyone!!
Um.. I am ventrock who pre-released my ep album Soloist overseas a few days ago! I’m not that famous so I have altogether no other ways to explain but this way..
Below is not about other things but because I have something I want to say about the dj debut of Mir from MBLAQ!!
While the occupation called dj gradually being seen in a favorable light in Korea? has become widely popular
It’s true that there have also been quite a lot of entertainer-turned-djs
Because they are that famous, it’s not hard to find instances both at home and abroad where they were used as a tool commercially to gain spotlight in the public opinion and insulted the audience with a fake mixset on the stage simply for the sake of creating talks without real sincerity, so I think it’s only natural that you have bias against them.
Ah.. If to say why I’m writing this post.. Actually I got to know Mir in a coincidental occasion and I’m teaching that friend who is very interested in dj-ing about dj-ing.
At first when that friend said he wanted to learn dj-ing I thought of some misunderstanding again.. Ah.. Do I have to make a mixset for him? Does he want to learn things like putting his hand up and making remarks at a certain timing like this that can be used when you go up [to the stage] right away..? Different from my expectation he wanted to learn from the start.. So I remember I overstated a bit that I would start to teach him from a turnable but not a cdj, from cleaning an LP with a cotton flannel and keeping it if he really intended to learn properly.. Needless to say because Mir is an artist.. he has schedules piled up and can’t come often, but even if it’s once a week, even if it’s early in the morning, he’s sure to come to find me and shows passion of learning even if it’s for one or two hours.
However, as you know, there’s a big difference between practicing dj-ing with monitor speakers in a work studio and being an actual dj on the scene.
At a certain level it’s the time that he should build up hands-on experiences to improve.
I also recommended him to try once for the event this time but he might have a great fear of all sorts of attention. After hesitating about whether it is a stage that he can go up to? for a long time, in the end he decided to stand on the stage in the name of challenge and has been coming to practice for 2~3 hours even if it’s 2am~3am almost everyday lately when he has no schedules that end at late night.
Although it’s childish, there are preconceptions and we have decided not to auto sync with laptop and rekordbox..
After all it’s his first real stage and a stage that he goes up to with a huge burden of being an idol originally, so as I’ll go up with him and also help him a bit for this stage, we are going to take turns to play one track at a time back to back.
Of course he’s still way too lacking when compared to the longtime djs locally in the country.. He still can’t do detailed beatmatching, but he’s also picking up sound mixing by himself. For the mixset as well, whenever he has spare time, from house, techno and hip hop that he himself likes the most, I’m teaching him with emphasis of not being biased against any genres and having to be able to accept and digest them.
(Though I’m saying this, if Mir goes to another place and does poorly.. I who is leaving a post like this will be the only one being blamed, right ke) Because at least the Mir I know is never the lousy type.. hehe
I want to let you know that all the idols who will be a dj or those who are originally entertainers are not all like Paris Hilton….
While writing.. I’ve finished a post with no consistency like this..
Mir is also a human being.. He is practicing hard, so no matter how it turns out, even though you may not go as far as supporting him, I have a small request of hoping the people who are going to watch the stage on that day will judge after watching.. But.. the title is hip hop festival…. I don’t know if all of you who like EDM will come.. Although it’s a hip hop festival, Mir is playing electronic music and mainstream music on this day.. 128~130 that all of you like ~switching with 108 trap in between, too..!!?
Thank you for reading the long post (bow)



Mir Yo bro!! Retweets flood this one ..
And …. Whoa.. Did not expect promotion..Thanks Bro ..!


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