140723 [TWITTER] Mir’s Tweet

Source:  Mir’s Twitter
Translated:  @justblaqtw ; @MBLAQGO_LUVU ; merlinka@mblaqattack.net
Please do not hotlink.



Yo!!Bro!!“@VENTROCKx: Hi, it’s Ventrock who is the member of Daze47 performed 2 years ago…http://youtu.be/KMJIW_QjWfA?a ” 




Experiencing a heartbreaking relationship(love) at the age of 13.. Looking at it now, it’s so cute..


Mir’s Diary Entry Post:

My name is Bang Cheol Yong more will be writing about someone I fancy(heartbreaking relationship) from now onwards. Her name is Kim XX, from our class. That person isn’t really pretty, not really kind-hearted too. But no idea why am I so attracted to her. Of course, I’ve met her again today! Indeed, her bubbly personality matches mine. I like that person but seems like she doesn’t like me.


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