140506 [NEWS] Lee Joon Elevate “Acting Idol” Status

Source: Soompi
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Lee Joon for article

It is no longer unusual today to see K-Pop idols crossing over to acting. With their influx in a different aspect of the entertainment industry, some observers have looked upon idols acting with skepticism and negativity. Many believe casting popular idols in dramas and films is only a tactic to gain viewership but does not add value.

However, past and recent work by acting idols Im Siwan and Lee Joon are changing the negative perceptions

Another idol-actor breaking the boundaries is MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon. The idol started acting very early on, appearing as the young version of the character played by Rain in the 2009 film “Ninja Assassin.” After the film came dramas “The Jungle Fish 2″ for 2010 and “IRIS 2″ in 2013, playing supporting roles.

Lee Joon, however, broke through with a lead role in the 2013 film “Rough Play,” directed by Kim Ki Duk. In the film, he played a nameless actor Oh Young, who dreamed of becoming a star. By a stroke of luck, he becomes a success overnight and was led into the dark side. While most idols are limited in roles they play in consideration of their image, Lee Joon made a bold move by taking on “Rough Play.” He had bed scenes and body exposure in the film, but had also shown his growth as an actor. The film is popular with both critics and audiences, cementing Lee Joon’s status as an acting idol.

He is currently starring in the tvN cable drama “Gap Dong,” as an inmate of a prison psychiatry hospital and who works as a barista upon his release. His character is described to have a seemingly kind smile, but is actually indifferent to the suffering of others, which adds to the eerie atmosphere of the crime-thriller drama.



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