131219 [TRANS] LeeJoon for SURE Magazine Interview (January Issue)

Source: SURE Magazine
Translated:  阿兔sy , Translation from Chinese-Eng: mblaqgo_luvu
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Which type of actor do you want to become?

I like Leonardo DiCaprio. Starred in a lot of movies without being restricted to a particular image, showing a 180-degree different appearance which will not scare fans. I think actors like DiCaprio, without his original image, has been the role itself. So like this? There isn’t any particular role I want to play in, nor the protagonist’s desire. As long as I’m able to play well in the role entrusted to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s supporting role. Supporting cast is required to make protagonist shine.

Meeting up with friends, what do you do?

Drink.(Laugh) Drink soju, chat, you’ll think, “why am I so tired previously? “Will talk about a lot of fun in the past. Memories are a good thing for everyone.


When there isn’t any practice, how do you spend your leisure time?

Until 2012, when there are leisure time, I will sleep, if not will watch movies, rarely go out. MBLAQ’s schedules are also pretty busy due to activities. Recently, rather than staying at home, I will meet up with friends and laugh about this lively manner through. Although I’m tired, but seeing my friends laughing & chatting can bring strength.

Recording for variety show & filming are different, looks quite sincere.What is your true personality like?

I’m not the noisy type. On variety shows, it’s a need to be humorous so I will try my best to do it. Therefore, prepared differently. “Today on this variety show, I’m going to show total shock!” So ready to go. I think that although it’s only a few hours of filming, must also do it with a good reason or meaningful.


For acting, do you regularly dicuss with the MBLAQ members?

No, I don’t. (Laughter) MBLAQ composition is a bit special, five people in their respective areas of expertise are very clearly defined, so we do not interfere with one another, pointing fingers or nagging, will only give moral support beside each other. They are also not jealous of other members like I am better at things, because their fields and directions are different, no need for jealousy.

MBLAQ’s presence is this great to Leejoon?

Although can said that they are the one & only valuable presence,also to remove nauseating, according to my own style. Other members, to me, are like my colleagues, or people working the same occupation. And of course also my good friends.


In 5 years of activity, as an actor, work load is really small. Do you have a special reason?

While acting is my own thing, MBLAQ, inclusive of me are form the 5 members to carry on with activities. So I have always thought that MBLAQ’s activities take precedence over individual activities, and standing on stage together when we should focus only on the stage. Honestly, wanted to postpone MBLAQ’s activities before making an appearance on TV show or movie but had to give it up, once felt very regretful, because just like this, I missed a lot of work pieces. But not only MBLAQ’s activities, as an artist, standing in front of the camera, is there anymore important stuff compared to this. Now still think that MBLAQ’s activity is still the high priority. If there is no MBLAQ, Leejoon would not exist.


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