130929 [NEWS] Lee Joon’s movie ‘An Actor is an Actor’ sells out its BIFF screening in under a minute

Lee Joon‘s movie ‘An Actor is an Actor‘ has sold out all of its Busan International Film Festival screening seats in under a minute!

 The movie will be playing at the film festival on October 4th and 5th with a special ‘Conversing with the Audience’ section. All of these special tickets sold out in under a minute. It’s also playing on October 6th and 11th as just a regular screening, and all of those seats were sold out within five minutes.

Lee Joon, Director Shin Yeon Sik, and Kang Shin Hyo will be at the panel to converse with the audience on the 4th and 5th.   

To the general audience, the movie will be released on October 24th. Are you excited yet?

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Source : ALLKPOP

130929 [NEWS] Mir says he’d stay just friends with Nicole even if they were marooned on a deserted island

MBLAQ‘s Mir‘s  talked about his close friendship with KARA‘s Nicole!

The 28th’s episode of MBC‘s ‘Quiz to Change the World‘ talked about the topic of ‘My boyfriend/girlfriend’s opposite-sex friend’. The panel discussed the topic, and Mir said that he’d just accept it. 
While he was talking, MC Lee Hwi Jae asked, “If you were marooned on a deserted island with Nicole, will the two of you still be just friends?“. Mir admitted, “Actually, I’ve had this talk with Nicole before. We’re just friends even if that happens.
When singer Kim Heung Gook heard this, he made everyone laugh by commenting, “Are you a eunuch?“.
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