130829 [CUTS] Seungho & Mir @ Story Show Widow’s Cruse



MC asked how he really felt on leaving “Real Man” and that Hyungsik taking over his role in the army. He said he felt at loss as he had to leave the show due to his back pain.  He said Hyungsik call him right before Hyungsik start filming Real Man, saying that he’s scared and he don’t know how to take Mir role. But then Hyungsik did really well on his 1st episode and he didn’t even call Mir after that. Mir feel sad and really frustrated about that. Then MC asked Hyungsik, did you feel sorry for Mir? Hyungsik said “I don’t know for what I should fell sorry for” Then MC asked what would Mir do if ‘Real Man’ call him to join the show again, he said “I don’t think there’s a place for me*in the show as everyone is doing so well” then MC said “Just be honest, be honest!” Mir “I’ll join in as long as Hyungsik is out*from the show *Jokingly” MC “Because it was his place from the beginning” Sam added “Mir talk really well here, if he would do the same in the show, he might stay until now” MC “He left the show because of his back pain, not because he can’t talk!”


Source: yjepb Pak

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